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  1. A13XIS

    Humble bundle: Hey, it's me again! - No Keys

    Sorry, I'm tired :D (Don't know how to remove a thread)
  2. Nick Mc

    Star Wars Giveaway (10 GAMES)- Steam Keys

    Hey everyone, I have 10 Star Wars games for giveaway. If you win I will give you the steam key in a pm with Xyphien attached to the message thread for security reasons. The games being given away are: 1. Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic™ - CLAIMED 2. Star Wars™ Knights of the Old...
  3. Rosire Sabido

    Last chance to get Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time for free

    If you have been under the rails all month and havent heard that ubisoft is celebrating its 30 years of success. What?! you don't care about them them celebrating their anniversary? Well then what if I told they are gonna giveaway their best classic games once a month for the next 30 more. I...
  4. Rosire Sabido

    Free Medal of Honor Pacific Assault (ORIGIN)

    After my post free Need For Speed Most Wanted last week. There is now a new On the house game on origin well about "new" the game is not new what I meant was the on the house game was replaced to a new game. Well not a new new game the on the house game is new not the game itself...
  5. M

    Free steam key Nux For a short time until the banner is active on the site indiegala, there is the opportunity to take this game on Steam, just to plug the email. There are 4 planets and 13 levels with 3 game m odes and cute graphics.
  6. Xyphien

    December 6th Holiday! Huge Giveaway + Help us with a name!

    As stated in this post: Ralph H. Baer passed away December 6th 2015. He was known as the founder of games, and one of the creators of Pong. He had a HUGE impact in the gaming industry, and pretty much the reason...