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  1. TheUmerator

    "Everybody's Gone To The Rapture" Review

    I'll be completely honest with you. This game is one of those where you can't understand everything with just one playthrough. I was skeptical about this game at first. But later on, as I kept progressing I was gripped by the storyline and the overall feel. The games starts off at a simple...
  2. CasualCastiel

    [Steam Review] Kaiju Panic

    Kaiju Panic by Mechabit is one of those games that mix tower defense with action/strategy, and it does it fairly well. Yet I had troubles liking it fully. Why? Well, Kaiju Panic is a kind of fun, kind of boring type of game. I know, I just confused you, didn’t I? That’s okay, that’s how I felt...
  3. CasualCastiel

    [Steam Review] Tricone Lab

    Overall Rating: 9/10 Partickhill Games brings us Tricone Lab, a deceivingly simple, quasi-minimalist looking puzzle game that will make you use all your lateral thinking abilities in order to proceed though the increasingly difficult levels. In Tricone Lab you interact with microscopic...
  4. CasualCastiel

    [Steam Review] Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate

    In Chronicles of a Dark Lord by Kisareth Studios, you take the role of an atypical ‘hero’. Rather than the usual RPG kid-turned-hero, you’re taking on the role of a kid-turned-evil who goes after even more evil than his amount of evil. I know, I could’ve totally phrased that better. You still...
  5. CasualCastiel

    [Steam Review] An Assassin in Orlandes

    Game: An Assassin in Orlandes Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG Developer & Publisher: Tin Man Games Publisher: Tin Man Games Overall rating: An Assassin in Orlandes by Tin Man Games is a text adventure/choose your own adventure game that mixes the dice rolling of RPG with the path-choosing style...
  6. CasualCastiel

    [Steam Review] Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries

    Game: Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries Genre: Action, Adventure, indie, platformer Developer: GRIN Publisher: Rebellion Release Date: Mar 17, 2015 Platform: PC / Windows 7 Overall rating: 5/10 In Woolfe, you take on the role of Red, as in Red Riding Hood, who is off to find the truth about the...
  7. CasualCastiel

    [steam] The Architect

    Game: The Architect Genre: Indie, Puzzle Developed & Published by: Spooky Star Platform: PC / Windows 7 Overall rating: 8/10 The Architect is a puzzle game of varied difficulties by Spooky Star. In order to understand how the difficulties work, you must understand how the game is played: You...
  8. pajama

    [Review] Cory in the House

    Cory in the house is the best game ever 11/10 I play this game every night before going to bed and cry at the beautiful story. I loved how they used enchilladas as a metaphor for the homoerotic relationship between Cory and President Martinez and the grief over the death of the late Raven...

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