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    Wild Terra Online Steam Key Giveaway
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    bloodsportstv giveaway

    25,000 Keys of BLOODSPORTS.TV Giveaway
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    Orwell free on HB
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    Primordial Darkness for Pre-Alpha Testing

    Free game here MarvelousGA
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    Game Keys are region locked, only working in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and United States
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    AironBall The Loop
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    Spec Ops: The Line
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    Random game
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    Cowboy Escape
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    Monarch of Greed Act 1
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    Viking's drakkars 10000 keys
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    Again with some great news from HumbeBundle site :D

    Go to : and and claim for the next five days and you will calim HackyZack for free!!!
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    The Darkness II
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    Save the Lamb
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    2000x Toy Seeker
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    Amulet of Time: Shadow of la Rochelle
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    Please Close the Doors