1. UltraPlasmaNerd

    I am giving away 2 random steam and one random DLC

    I acquired 2 free games and one free DLC which will be given away.I don't know what these keys have and if you own the base game for the dlc,but free is free so...yeah.I will be using a discord bot to decide the winners.This closes at 6:00 central time tomorrow(the 21st).Good Luck!Comment below...
  2. Xyphien

    1,000 Member Giveaway!

    It's almost time! We're coming close to hitting 1,000 Members! Because of this amazing achievement, we're going to be giving away countless prizes once we hit the 1,000 member mark! The only requirements you will need will be having at least 5 posts on the forums, and posting on this post right...
  3. Xyphien

    DustForce DX [Reddit] Dustforce DX giveaway over on reddit.
  4. Rosire Sabido

    Just get it I don't care if you have it

    I know most of you won't play this game or you already have the Hostile Waters, Well guess what I don't care so shut up and take it 3440Z-KFMM9-CAXNH