humble bundle

  1. Axel

    HB Brawler Bundle GUILTY GEAR XX ΛCORE CORE PLUS R BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Skullgirls Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! Street Fighter X Tekken GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- Rivals of Aether
  2. UltraPlasmaNerd

    Humble Classics return bundle
  3. A13XIS

    Humple Pundle Giffevay. Zee Sird Vahn

    Hey ho! It's the end of the year! Time for another round of free steam keys! Just Log in/Register and go to the game key section of this site. (Forums->Giveaways & Deals->Game Keys) The first one to click on the gift link gets the game! EDIT: It's already over. But this won't be the last one...
  4. S

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
  5. A13XIS

    Humble bundle: Hey, it's me again! - No Keys

    Sorry, I'm tired :D (Don't know how to remove a thread)
  6. MaestroC96

    [SteamGifts] Grim Fandango Remastered Giveaway!

    Hello fellas, I'm giving away 1 copy of Grim Fandango Remastered on SteamGifts. It is especially for all my steam friends and GH community who can join via an invite-only link mentioned below. Good Luck & Feel free to share the link amongst your close ones.
  7. A13XIS

    Humble Bundle - Getting rid of owned/unwanted games - Part 2

    Hello People. ^^ Once again I'm giving away Some of the games laying (virtually) around in my humble bundles account. This time though you'll have to PM me for a key and telling me which one(s) you want. Game list: Steam Gone Gone Gone Origin (EA's DRM Platform) Gone Gone Gone Gone Gone...
  8. ~Dev


    Surprise midnight giveaway! for those that are here can receive a game! POST BELOW to get a free game! Only the first three will win! Good luck!!! (you will be messaged by me tomorrow to receive your prize. so please be patient)
  9. A13XIS

    DIRT SHOWDOWN for free

    Humble Bundle gives away Dirt Showdown. Don't know if the game is any good, but it may look interesting for anybody liking race games . Go to site The offer is valid for the next 6.5 hours aka until 18:00/6PM UTC UTC or GMT is international time. Translate it to your own timezone if you need to.