1. Saxix

    Humble Care Package Bundle

    The site Humble Bundle known for their cheap weekly bundles, has this week a really nice bundle, The Humble Care Package Bundle. It cost 30$ or 25€ and will give 28 games, 100% of the payment will go to charity. Now I'm only interested in these games: * Starbound * Stardew Valley * Darkest...
  2. Xyphien

    Humble Bundle Trove Humble Bundle has a new system set up for those who are a monthly subscriber to them. This new system allows you to play several game DRM free for as long as you're a paid member. This in my opinion is something really amazing. On top of your monthly...
  3. A13XIS

    Humble Bundle - Getting rid of owned/unwanted games

    Hi there ^.^ I've bought a lot of Game bundles lately and more often than not they got games in them I know I don't want to play. Feel gifted xD All these keys are from Humble Bundle. To redeem the game go to Front Mission: Evolved.......................gone Hitman...