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  1. Katrina

    GoG: Fantasy General Free for 36 hours

    click the banner. For over a century, the world of Aer was a place of peace, joy and prosperity. Through advances in technology and magic, its inhabitants created a harmonious society, rid of disease, destruction and evil. All was well within the land of Aer... Until the Shadowlord came. Once...
  2. Katrina

    Loot Hero DX

    It's nice mindless game to waste your time on while you think about which game you really want to play. Loot Hero gets boring pretty fast. I got all the achievements in less than 4 hours. With that said I should point out that the sound and music is pretty good. Graphics is alright. I liked the...
  3. Katrina

    Free game from Origin-DEAD IN BERMUDA

    Right now Dead in Bermuda is free on origin.