1. TheUmerator

    An introduction.

    Hello. I'm TheUmerator. I just joined the site. I game mainly on a PlayStation 4 until I can have a dedicated Gaming PC set up. My favorite games include The Witcher 3, Battlefield 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and Dying Light. I'd love to hear some of yours. Also, I'm on PSN and Steam with the same...
  2. Elocrypt

    Elocrypt's Intro

    Hello all at GH! I'm Elo, for short. I love art, in all aspects. Read my about me for a good description. I love this site, it functions smoothly and looks amazing. Good work dev team! I'm probably gonna lurk, oh well.
  3. MaestroC96

    Hello Everyone !

    Hello Gamers. Just joined ! Really like the concept. I was planning on making a steam group for gamers who aren't able to play lot of games due to financial issues. But GH is gonna be perfect for them. I'll try to be as active as I can because I also have exams coming up every now and then. Cheers !
  4. HecticSherlock

    I'm New! ... Kinda ~ :p

    I've been lurking for awhile ~ But this is my first time making a forum post. I'm not good at these, I don't think. I'm just shy when it comes to making forum post is all. :zpX
  5. itsthesherf

    The Sherfs in Town!

    Hey everyone! My name is Sherry, but a lot of my gamer friends just call me Sherf or Sher. My gamertag, itsthesherf, was made years ago when I was in highschool, a lot of people think it is a play on words of "sheriff", but in reality, my name is Sherry, and my last name starts with an F, so...
  6. Soleil


    Hello! The name's Soleil, but you can call me whatever. I joined to play with some new people, learn about new games, and possibly even make some new friends. I'm actually really shy, so don't expect a lot from me
  7. Areq

    Would you kindly allow me to introduce myself?

    I am Areq, or Nerd in the 13th key of Caesar Cipher. I like MMOs, RPGs, MMORPGs (who whudda thunk it?!) and Old School games like the old Final Fantasy games. I am a massive nerd, if you haven't figured out by my name, and I watch a lot of anime. Currently, my top 5 games are, in no particular...
  8. sloth_steak

    My introduction to GameHandout

    Greetings, I am sloth_steak/Phalecrocorax and have just been introduced to the GameHandout community no more than fifteen minutes ago. The reason as to why GameHandout caught my eye is how it serves as a giveaway site and a gaming community at the same time, and judging by some of the previous...