1. Saxix

    What is your GOTY?

    Today have Golden Joystick Awards announced that The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the wild is the Ultimate game of the year. I didn't had a chance to play the game but seeing gameplay etc. I think it would've been my GOTY aswell. The only 2017 game I own is Cuphead, so my personal GOTY is...
  2. T

    Want to win a new console and $300 towards your gaming arsenal??

    Click the link below to sign up for a chance to win a new gaming console of your choice and other great prizes!!!!!
  3. T

    Ultimate Gaming Room Setup
  4. Saxix

    One game in your hole life.

    If you could only play one game in your hole life. Which game would you choose and why?
  5. sage

    Nintendo Switch

    The Switch is Nintendo's upcoming gaming handheld console. It takes the controller of a Wii U, and turns that into a console of it's own. The handles can be used to play the console as a handheld, or can be removed for two controllers. It can also be plugged into a tv. The thing gets 2-6...