1. itsthesherf

    Streaming Question

    This isn't about a game, persay, but wondering if anyone can help me. I recently got an N64 and was wanting to stream from it. What do I need to do that? If it's a capture card, what is best? Or is it easier to use an emulator? Also, what kind of adapter would I need to get feed from my iPhone 6?
  2. GewoonRobbie

    Streaming Bundle

    Hello everyone! I am giving away a streaming bundle. In this bundle can be found: Monstercat Twitch License (1 year) FaceRig classic Quiplash Choice Chamber Xsplit Premium (3 months) FaceRig pro Drawful 2 If you'd like to join this giveaway, please follow me on and leave a comment on...
  3. screwthetrees

    Twitch Stream Delay Reducement option

    Now i havent noticed this function before, it was however added 4 months ago but i never heard of it tbh. This is currently a twitch beta function they have added(4 months ago :P), as a person who likes to read my chat while gaming the ~33% reduced delay is gonna be really nice. Now there is a...