1. Aero Neon

    Ways GameHandout can be Modernized/Updated,

    So GameHandout has been around for a while and to me, it seems like it's design and the way it's layed out is a bit outdated or is missing some features. The things that I would like to see added are simpler section tabs, for example, what the forums tab is right now could be changed to, "search...
  2. Elocrypt

    Animated Imaging

    I was wondering why animated images [GIFs] are disabled? I use gifs a lot for different things, like in game reviews, my signature, my avatar and etc. I am assuming it causes maybe a bunch of server load or takes up more bandwidth, but maybe there could be a "rank" or something for users to...
  3. Rosire Sabido

    Ummm Just asking don't take it hardly

    Ummmm hey ahhh ehhh errrr Okay well you know I was just gonna ask about the comment section. Don't you guys think it would be better if the latest comments appeared first on top rather than the oldest one on top . Or if not then at least a sort by date: newest to oldest vice versa box ??? well...