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    Si what kind of pets do you guys, if you have any... i have a 15 year old Cat and a 16 week old dog. they do not get along yet because is very grumpy towards dogs :P Not entirely sure what breed the dog is, the cat is a tiny farm breed.
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    Games you are looking forward to in 2016

    What games are you looking forward to that is coming out in 2016? Personally i'm looking forward to these games: XCom 2 (PC)(February) Dark Souls 3 (Xbox One, PS4, PC) (April) Mirror's edge catalyst (Xbox One, PS4, PC) (May) BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend (PC) (Undated) Mass Effect...
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    Favourite way to waste time?

    Inb4 gaming. What is your favourite time waster? Is it an IOS game. or maybe simply reading a book. Maybe you are unfortunate to not have time to waste time? In that case ill feel sorry for you >.< To make it harder there is 1 rule: The time waster cannot be gaming ;D I'll start: My favourite...
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    Saving habits in games!

    So what kind of saving habits do you guys in games? This is ofcourse, if you play single player games where you need to manually save... otherwise there is an option for you guys that play online only games :3... you can vote on 3 things in total so make them count ;D I know that in some games...
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    Do you like creepy pastas?

    Personally i love creepy pastas. I'm not a person who gets startled easily (It's been a few years since the last time i had a nightmare.) but i do love listening to creepy pastas. And i usually have them in the background when i play games... (along with podcasts). Now i dont have a favourite...
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    Unitale, poor undertale copies coming soon.

    What is it? (Pasted from their reddit) Unitale is a Lua-moddable Undertale-based engine, meaning that it provides some of Undertale's more important mechanics so you can make your own battles (and soon, overworld/stories). Now, many of my friends bought into the hype of this game, personally...
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    The Epic Key Grabaway 3

    Hello everyone, it's been a while and i've had some problems i needed to tend to in real life. I will now be far more active and try to strike content into this website, but let's make a bit of amends shall we? 8 different games, 33 codes in total :D it's a grabfest, first to take wins :D...
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    Oculus rift starts pre-orders for around 600$

    (Probably around 500 Euro) If you have hung around the gaming news lately you would probably know that the long awaited Oculus Rift has opened up pre-orders. They will start shipping it in march 28th to preorders and a street release early april. Now personally i do think that oculus is pretty...