1. cajko

    FREE Devil May Cry 1 HD for Twitch Prime users
  2. itsthesherf

    Streaming Question

    This isn't about a game, persay, but wondering if anyone can help me. I recently got an N64 and was wanting to stream from it. What do I need to do that? If it's a capture card, what is best? Or is it easier to use an emulator? Also, what kind of adapter would I need to get feed from my iPhone 6?
  3. Xyphien

    Partnership Program

    Hello fellow gamers! Today I'm proud to announce we're officially accepting Partners into GameHandout. The Partnership program is a brand new program dedicated to helping out streamers, group leaders, youtubers, etc. with their content, as well as providing them with giveaways. In return they...
  4. screwthetrees

    Twitch Stream Delay Reducement option

    Now i havent noticed this function before, it was however added 4 months ago but i never heard of it tbh. This is currently a twitch beta function they have added(4 months ago :P), as a person who likes to read my chat while gaming the ~33% reduced delay is gonna be really nice. Now there is a...