1. Elocrypt

    The Meta and Beyond | Riot Pls - League of Legends

    Lead Producer New001 returns with updates on recent meta changes, the experimental game mode Nexus Blitz, quality-of-life improvements, and Clash. Timestamps: 0:00 - Intros 0:11 - The Meta 0:53 - Jungle Changes 1:40 - Game Pacing 2:45 - Botlane 3:49 - Rate of Change 4:32 - Experimental...
  2. Saxix


    Hey guys, this is my first giveaway via Gleam so I hope it will work lol. But I'm giving away SimplePlanes and am planning to giveaway more games soon :3
  3. Xyphien

    Partnership Program

    Hello fellow gamers! Today I'm proud to announce we're officially accepting Partners into GameHandout. The Partnership program is a brand new program dedicated to helping out streamers, group leaders, youtubers, etc. with their content, as well as providing them with giveaways. In return they...
  4. sage

    Youtube! Do you make videos?

    If you have a Youtube channel that you upload to, share it and one of your videos. I'll go first: