1,000 Member Giveaway Winners!

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Salutations everyone! I have manually entered in everyones entries based off the following information:
Per post = 1 entry.
Per topic = 2 entry.
posts with less than 3 words = 0 entry.

After which I put them all in a random name generator and chose the first three names that were picked.

The winners are as followed!

First Place: Winning the following games: X Com 2, Broken Age, Inside, Undertale, and Kingdoms New Land
The winner is............ @Katrina ! Congratulations on your new games!

Second Place: Winning the following games: Mordheim City of the Damned, Space Engineers, Space Run Galaxy, and Layers of Fear masterpiece edition.
The winner is.......... @Elocrypt ! Congratulation on your new games!

Third Place: Winning the following games: Space Quest Collection, The Turning Test, and The Magic Circle.
The winner is...... @GewoonRobbie ! Congratulations on your new games!

Let's all give a warm round of applause for these winners! Congratulations to everyone. If you have had 5 posts or more then you will be receiving a random game as well! So... Everyone is technically a winner who joined the contest!

P.S. Please allow 24 hours for the games to be sent. It's late here and I'm off to bed DX
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Oh wow, wasn't expecting that. Thank you for the congratulations everyone! And congratulations to the other winners, we all had some good luck this time.

I wish you all good luck for our future events to come.


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I wanted to confirm to the public that I have received the codes and they all worked. Thank you for gamehandout staff for creating the contest and thanks to everyone who chatted with me. I'll be sticking around.
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