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Hello Everybody!

I got up to my 999th post, and then I thought I needed to do something special. So, seeing as my thing is poetry, because I run the poetry shop and all, I wrote a poem! I apologize before hand if I accidently insult someone, but know everything below is in good fun. This ones for our forum staff and our mods. A big thanks to all you guys for running the community. And a big thanks to all the forum members as well that I have interacted with over the time I have been here so far. Here's to a thousand posts and a thousand more!
@sage @Xyphien @CasualCastiel @therealattacka @~Dev

A Millennia Here

Come hither and hear
a tale for your ear.
I've spent a millennia
just right here.

Frolic and dance,
cause just perchance,
you'll be lulled into
a gaming trance.
Got many friends here.
We're rather queer.
Sage slayed a dragon,
or was it a deer?
Xyphien's the king.
Spiderman's a thing?
He took us all in
under his wing.
We've got the news.
She writes Casual reviews.
A supernatural fan,
if you want some clues.
Our Real viking here?
Bunny slippers. Oh dear!
And pair of heart shorts?
Is that his gear?
We've got a lurker about?
Its Dev no doubt!
He keeps things running,
What a scout!
This place is a home.
Where they freely roam.
And a poet of a thousand,
writes in his tome.

So thats it for now.
I'll take my bow.
An ode to my friends,
see you, ciao!
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It was definitely a dragon.
It might have even been two, now that I think about it.

Congrats on one thousand.


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Congrats on your 1000th post! It was a beautiful poem! <3 Here's to a thousand more! (posts, not poems, though if you want to write a thousand poems, that's your thing ;) )


God of Gaming
Congratulations on this huge Milestone!
I wish the best for the future goals of yours on this forum.
The last time I saw you was when you had 488 messages...
It's amazing how you got this many messages, it shows how hard you've work these past what? months now
Keep up the good work bro! <3 Love the poems! Shows your really talented :D
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