5 new games added to the shop!


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@BananaPie, Lol.

This is the actual conversation that we had:

[7/1/2015 6:22:51 AM] Chaun Farmer: Can you make a forth of july GH banner?
[7/1/2015 9:03:I6 AM] Chaun Farmer: Can you buy the $1 or $8 humble bundle to get Boarderlands.
[7/1/2015 11:00:I8 AM] Sage Curtis: I can get the $1 one for sure
[7/1/2015 11:06:27 AM] Sage Curtis: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[7/1/2015 11:06:30 AM] Sage Curtis: There's the gift link
[7/1/2015 11:I3:I2 AM] Sage Curtis: Add Rock of Ages, Castle Crashers, Insurgency, and GTA San Andreas to the shop when you add Borderlands
[7/1/2015 11:I3:I7 AM] Sage Curtis: please
[7/1/2015 11:I3:24 AM] Sage Curtis: Oh, and Hero Siege
[7/1/2015 11:I3:38 AM] Sage Curtis: The games I bought for GH during the sale
[7/1/2015 3:I5:30 PM] Chaun Farmer: sure man, I'll add it in a bit

A few hours after that, we had a 4th of July banner, and the games were added to the shop.