Any one find it hard for ghs?

Any one agree

  • Keep it the way it is

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See I've been on awhile now I haven't gotten past 20 yet can you make it easier if anyone agrees plz comment and I'll move it as a suggestion you could also give to ghs per hour that works as we'll


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I think it's fine the way it is. You get GH$ for posting and contributing to the community. You only have 9 messages. If you become more active in the community, it won't seem that hard to earn GH$. :) Get involved in the discussions or create your own and before you know it you'll have enough for a game. :girl:


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Well to be honest, if you would get GH$ from just afking people would simply go onto gamehandout and leave it open or use an auto refresher to "farm" GH$.
So instead all the GH$ is earned through posting and getting likes. alternatively trading to actually reward the people who are "active" as members.

Since you only have 9 messages it's pretty logical that you only have 12 GH$.
Earning GH$ is really easy if you actually post thou.
just look at me: i have 737 posts and currently have 687 GH$, i also paid boundless 50$ for an intro some time back and you do not get GH$ for posting in parts of the forums such as the "Forum game" part. (Also i believe it does not give you extra money if the post is merged with another one).

So let's say you reply/post to 125 threads, then you get 125$ or more. Then you can easily afford a random game for 125GH$ .

So technically it's easier to get/buy games here compared to many other "free games" sites, and takes the same or less effort. Just posting about games is enough to after a few days get 125 GH$

It's all up to Xyphien to be honest, so we'll have to wait for him to reply.



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I would let it like it is. IMO by the time you get enough money to buy a decent game, you get familiar with the forums, whole community knows you etc. by that time, you don't even care about the games, but the community. If we would lower the prices, then I think that many newcomers could afford them too quickly meaning that many people who care only for the games and that nobody knows here would rapidly start purchasing games in shop and we would ran out of stock sooner or later. I think it's pretty ballanced now :)


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Like @therealattacka and @CasualCastiel said, you get money for posting.

Here is a direct quote from the FAQ on earning GH$.

You get forum currency by posting. Posting a reply to any thread (except those in the Forum Games Section) gives you $1, and posting your own thread gives you $3. Posting a review gives you even more than that. You can also offer a service, such as signature making, in the Exchange forum. We are also rewarding members who create advertisements or GameHandout related content by giving them forum currency.
I don't think the system is unbalanced at the moment. Everyone seems happy with it too, so that's a good thing.

If you want to earn more GH$, you can also become a VIP. There's a hidden VIP forum section where you get double the money.
A VIP only section where you can post. ooh, did I mention the VIP section has bonus money?! Yeah, killer deal right? $2 per post (2x more than non VIP members make) and $6 per topic (VS the generic $3 per topic) (This is in the VIP only Forum)


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@CasualCastiel and @therealattacka pretty much nailed this on the dot. We do have some sections that you get a little bit extra for making topics in such as the Giveaways and Deals section, seeing as you're helping out the community we help you out by rewarding you with a little bit extra. Sites like gameminer or steamgifts tend to make it so you have to giveaway a game to get currency fast, and you get a very, very little bit over time. This site, doesn't give you money, nor make you give away games. You simply post, be active in the community, have fun, and you can get games. Or you can simply lurk in hopes that we giveaway a game via our social media. Though, it'd be more beneficial to post and be active. NOTE: short posts give you no money either, so you can't spam the forum with little posts to get anything. It actually has to be helpful or apart of the discussion.


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I didn't come here for the giveaways, believe it or not I came because it seemed like a nice little community that I felt that I could contribute to and be a part of.

The possibility of winning a game in a giveaway/raffle or saving up those GH$ for a game of your choosing should be nothing more than a nice bonus, as the community's way of saying "thank you".