Baer Bash


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Baer Bash isn't until the 6th of December, but that doesn't mean we can't kick off some things to get prepared for it!

On December 6th we're going to be giving loads of games, hosting giveaways, amazing events and more!

What is Baer Bash, and why do you have it?

Baer Bash is GameHandout's new tradition we're starting this year. It's our own giveaway. @keirzilla came up with the name.

As for what it is, and why we have it. Baer was the founder of video games and he passed away last year on December 6th. So in honor of what he has done we're honoring his memory by providing free games such as Black Ops 3, and many others, hosting events and much more for him.

Rosire Sabido

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Nice I'm glad you came up with a name plus I saw the members online now I saw that I'm the only one online now but I saw like 60 guests huh so this site is starting to rise that's good news maybe it's because of the BO3 raffle


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Awesome! I'll be participating in this. Glad to see you all giving so much hard work into making this site the best it can be!