Giveaway Rules *MUST READ*

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  • This is a Giveaways post section. Meaning you will be taking and finding information from other sources. Please, if you make a post, make sure to include the original link as a reference with a brief description of the deal.

  • Posts will not only have a link. You must explain the deal at least briefly for everyone to understand.

  • Regular forum rules apply as well as with every other section on the forum. Which means, no short replies, spam, etc.

  • If you do not make your post worth while/long enough, we will deduct the money from you, and lock/trash the thread.

  • MUST Provide a header picture in the beginning of the post, this is so that your post is displayed properly on the homepage, and looks nice and professional.


  • Now, seeing as this is helping out the community (As well as the deals, and giveaway section) you will receive GH$5 for making a post, rather than the default GH$3.
Not open for further replies.