Making Some Sci-Fi Sprites

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I told my friend who wants to practice programming that we should make a simple platformer. I highly doubt we'll make any real progress on the game, but I can surely finish a spritesheet.

Here is the concept art of the character. On the left is just a sketch I drew and colored to help me plan her outfit. Then, I sketched a chibi version of her to resize and use for making a sample sprite for her. On the right are two sprites I came up with. One is her with armor and gear, and the other is without it.

space concepts.png

Then, I started working on a run animation. I started with the legs because that seems like the most important thing. I saved the image with a few different speeds to see what looked best. I preferred it slightly slower, and my friend liked it very fast. On the left is a 300% scaled-up image of her. On the right is the true size. I think she fits in a 32x64 box.


Then, I added her arms. This was very easy with the legs already done. I had all of the arm motions figured out in an hour. I spent a second hour changing the colors of the sprite (her arms were originally blue and green so that I could tell them apart) and making it look a little more like the original sprite concept. I think this is an ideal speed for her run animation. I also got rid of her sideways head movements because I didn't like them.


I've only been working on this for an hour or two at a time, over 3-4 sittings. Pixel art doesn't feel very time consuming to me. One day, I plan on sitting down and getting a bunch of animations done. Until then, I'll probably only get half of an animation done at a time.

Thanks for looking!
I'll try to update this thread with future progress on her sprites and animations.
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