Oculus rift starts pre-orders for around 600$


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(Probably around 500 Euro)

If you have hung around the gaming news lately you would probably know that the long awaited Oculus Rift has opened up pre-orders.
They will start shipping it in march 28th to preorders and a street release early april.

Now personally i do think that oculus is pretty cool if used the right way, althou when i tried them at GameX earlier this year they did give me motion sickness (they ran a FPS game with oculus for whatever reason).

I do however they could really immerse the player in something like elite:dangerous where you sit a cockpit and do not move a "character" around.

The System requirements are pretty high, personally i can run it since i spend a lot of money on my current PC, but tbh there is a huge chance that oculus is not gonna catch on and only a minority have computers strong enough to run it.

  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel i5-4590 or equivalent
  • GeForce GTX 970 / AMD 290
  • Built in and removable headset
  • 2160 x 1200 Resolution

Personally i dont think it will be worth it at this very point, on the other hand this is the "adoption" phase and not the full on commercial phase. I would believe that VR might become popular a few years down the line. As of now the pricetag has caused a lot of controversy has been caused people hang to the "you said it was gonna be around the price point of 300$", ofcourse most sane people understood that such a low pricetag for such a new technology would be impossible.
The Oculus probably needs ~300-400$ to be produced and the remainder for the tax/earnings of the company.

Thoughts on the oculus? Would you get it if was cheaper and you had the rig to be able to run it? Or maybe you can run it but cannot afford it? Maybe neither? Leave your thoughts below, i would love to discuss it and know your thoughts on the topic.
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