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God of Gaming
Elder Scrolls online is very fun despite the bad rep it got in the past. I have so much fun playing it and the player owned guilds are super neat in that game! I have seen a lot of awesome role play guilds that focus on thieves guild or dark brotherhood etc. They also have their own marketplace and neat little merchant guilds etc.

Not to mention there is like a billion quests and they are all very interesting! I really love this game even though I am low level I have 80 something hours into it just because I love to explore and rp and do side quests xD! Its a great game and I would advise trying it out when it is free to play again!


Staff member
I don't really like MMO's, but ESO is very cool. I've had a bit of fun with it. I know the free period is over, but I think it's worth looking into if there's ever another one.

Did anyone end up playing it during the free period?