[Review] Cory in the House


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Cory in the house is the best game ever

I play this game every night before going to bed and cry at the beautiful story. I loved how they used enchilladas as a metaphor for the homoerotic relationship between Cory and President Martinez and the grief over the death of the late Raven Simone.


A true classic. I highly recommend playing this game.
You should also definitely check out the anime adaptation. It puts other great anime like Naruho and Shit Taste Online to shame.

Here is the anime opening for those interested.
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I always heard rumors about this being one of the best animes ever produced this century, i didnt know it was based on a game! I have to check out this game immediatly! Take all my money, you have convinced me!


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I'm glad I could convert yet another soul to the glorious Cory in the House master race. I have built a shrine to Kyle Massey in my closet and I pray to his spirit every night.
Everyone should watch this breakdown of Cory in the House's first op.


So, I was confused when reading the title but now I'm glad I read this review. If anything, I got more entertainment from this review than I would the game lol.