Share Your Amazon Wishlist!

Do you use Amazon, or wishlists?

  • I use Amazon to shop.

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  • I do not use Amazon.

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  • I use Amazon and their wishlist capability!

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God of Gaming
Hey guys! I thought this would be a fun idea, if anyone is interested take it upon yourself to reply to this thread whenever with your amazon wishlist link! I feel like this would be a good thing to do if someone has a birthday, if it's Christmas time and you have extra monies (really, who does though?) or if you just want to spread some cheer! It's always nice to receive something. I don't think you have to put any details, so it can be totally anonymous coming from you... this is just an idea, clearly no one is obligated to join in, but I figured I would give it a go!

If you don't have a wishlist,

1. Go to and create an account (or .ca or, etc - whatever is best for your location).
2. Search through their site for items you want and choose "Add to Wish List." If you are using .com and are not in the US, please ensure that the item can be sent to your country. You can filter your searches to show only those that are eligible for delivery to your country (on the left hand menu as you browse).
3. When you're done, at the top of the page next to "share" is a envelope - click on that and copy and paste the link into this thread. You can also email yourself a copy of the link to yourself.

If you don't want people to know your name, you can use just your first name OR your username, in "list actions" under "list information" on the left.

Please make sure that your wishlist has an address selected (see under "list actions" then "list 'ship to' address" from your address book) so that gifts can be sent to you. You can also select "third-party shipping" so that gifts can be ordered through outside vendors, but this shares your address with a them, so that's something to keep in mind if you have privacy issues.

My wishlist is:


God of Gaming
I've had people give me free games because they felt sorry for me a lot of times, I'd feel bad for even sharing my wishlists anymore XD
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