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Hey everyone! I'm still slightly new here, but I am a partner of GH, and I do some graphic design work on the side! I'm willing to make some work for ya'll in exchange for $GH.

I've used Photoshop for many years, not only for just signature graphics, but to edit and for my photography business, and I can do a bunch of different things. I'm willing to work with you! I also take serious inquiries (real cash via PayPal, varying prices depending on what you want) for business cards, or other graphics (for example: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook banners/graphics) ... Just PM me for more info! This is part of my work and what I am pursuing as a career, so serious inquiries only for the above stated...

As for here on GameHandout, simply, I will make you a signature for $100 GH!

Please leave your requests below in the comments, telling me what you want, and as many details as possible!

This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Any pictures you find on google
  • - Drawings you'd like to incorporate
  • - Specific style
  • - Words
  • - Colors, etc.
If I can help you, I'll respond and let you know, and if accepted I'll be expecting a GH$ transfer for at least half (50$GH) before I begin! If you have any questions, please leave them below also!

Thank you!

***(Will edit in examples of my work below shortly.)***


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