Simplify the forum?


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As i've already typed into another topic, i believe the site looks a bit too chaotic for no legit reason. The number of people that use the forum is pretty low at the moment and if we want to increase that number, having an easy to use and simple in the eye designed interface can work wonders.

Not sure if my message is understandable, i just think that a General Gaming Discussion Category(and a few others) should be enough for a start, and they should be up high for everyone to see and participate. As of now i have to scroll down just to notice the New Posts window, just to participate easy and fast. If there's a way to fit the important stuff that a forum exists for into the part of the page that you first see when you come here, i think it would be helpful.

I really wish the site succeeds, it has some great ideas put behind it


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I'm looking into this now. I won't merge everything as there's some things I'd like to keep as they've been there since like 2013 XP

The things I'm currently looking into merging together:

Deals - Giveaways can become one section Deals & Giveaways

Events - Tournaments are pretty much one in the same

Media Hub and Partnering Up

I'll go through that sometime today and merge them.
[DOUBLEPOST=1511724783,1511712724][/DOUBLEPOST]Alrighty, so I've went ahead and merged a few topics to one another, and archived a few others. This cleared space up a lot on the forums.