The Laws of the Land (A Mandatory Read)

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Jun 2, 2013
The rules of the forum are as follows:

1. No spamming.

This includes:
  • Double posting (posting twice in a row, or back to back) at any time except when updating something.
  • Posting on old threads that can no longer provide any valuable discussion.
  • Posting short 1-2 word responses that do not add to the discussion.
  • Posting in languages other than English.
  • Going back and forth with a small amount of people and getting off topic

2. No flaming/harassing other members.

Don't be a jerk. If you disagree with someone, try to keep it civilized and respect everyone else.

3. No advertising other forums or websites when it is not called for. (this goes back to the spamming rule)

Exceptions include posting:
  • Youtube videos and informative articles.
  • Websites that have games/giveaways/etc in the Deals or Giveaways forum (Please note: Referrals are not allowed).
  • Steam and other gaming profiles.
  • Links to your creations in the Media Sharing forum.
Basically, don't post a link to your own business or forum out of nowhere. We will see it as spam and ban you. If you are unsure of whether you can post something, feel free to ask either @Xyphien or myself.

4. Do not post links or tutorials on ways to get games, or anything else, illegally.

5. Stay on topic.

If you find your thread running off topic, consider starting a new thread regarding the derailing topic.

6. Keep adult content to a minimum.

There should not be any reason for posting any nudity.
Swearing is acceptable, but try not to channel your inner sailor 24/7.

7. Keep your forum signature under 300 pixels high.

Nobody likes having to scroll more because your signature is too long.

8. Do not post any offensive material.

If you wish to tell some dark jokes, etc. Keep it within a PM, don't bring it to the actual forum.

9. Do not request, ask, or suggest games to add.

The staff pay for every game that is showed in the shop, and games will be added whenever the staff purchase more games. We will not take requests on what games to add, etc, unless specifically stated. We will add games when we add them, and the games we buy is what's based on what we can afford at the time.

10. Exchange what you can afford.

If you do not have the money to buy, an item to trade, or anything you offered someone else for a trade and you cannot deliver your end of the deal, then don't make the deal. It is extremely against the rules. If you are a multiple offender of this rule you will be restricted from using the exchange feature of the forum.

If you see anyone breaking the rules, please notify a moderator by tagging us in the thread, reporting the post, or sending a pm.

Current moderators/administrators include: @Xyphien , @sage , @~Dev , @therealattacka , @CasualCastiel

If you have any questions regarding these rules, send a message to @Xyphien or @sage .
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