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Welcome everyone to our first tournament! Were you will be battling it out with your fellow GameHandout gamers to win some awesome prizes!

We will be playing at 2100 (9:00) Central Time Zone.
Which is almost an hour from this post.

We will be playing the tournament for 30 minutes, and the three largest players will win a prize.

  • Largest: $25 forum currency + 2 random games + a tournament winner medal!
  • Second Largest: a random game
  • Third Largest: a random game

In order to participate please join the game with your username so we can easily identify you.
If your username is too long, post your played username below.
(MAKE IT UNIQUE! Common names are NOT accepted)

The competition will be held on the CHINA server.
Click the toolbar and select China for the server. You must also check the button "Show Mass."


At 2130 minutes, after 30 minutes of playing, you MUST take a screenshot and paste it on this post.
This HAS to be a screenshot, this way your clock, etc. will be shown. If you do not post a picture by 2135 (or 35 minutes after the tournament) you be disqualified.

Make a post below saying you will be joining, and your username you will use.

Username: Xyphien
I'll be joining so good luck everyone and let the best gamer win!

The next hint is hidden where the cash is. The creature the hint is under rises from it's ashes. There you will see some lines, however there is only one that shines.
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I'm in, and I'm going to be "sage" or "Sage." There's a difference.


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You shouldn't have made it such a short notice, I would have loved to participate in this :/