Unitale, poor undertale copies coming soon.


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What is it? (Pasted from their reddit)

Unitale is a Lua-moddable Undertale-based engine, meaning that it provides some of Undertale's more important mechanics so you can make your own battles (and soon, overworld/stories).

Now, many of my friends bought into the hype of this game, personally i watched a few let's plays of the different endings.
As for what undertale is... an RPG game that recognize that the player is a player and taunts and plays with that player using generic RPG mechanics with an interesting Hell Bullet twist to the battle system.

I wouldnt personally say it's the best game of all time, but to some of my friends (who has given me hell for this). The game is some kind of godsent from above to absolve all of our gaming sins.... according to them... not me :)
Now making Undertale (on a technical level) is not hard at all, i could probably do it pretty decently except the graphics, those are my weak point.

On the topic... well thread topic, this tool will appearently allow pretty much anyone to create an "Undertale-esk" game or pretty much "Expect the greenlight to be flooded with Undertale Clones".
While i do like the concept that making games will be possible to a broader audience (I love making games) i also think that the broader audience might flood the market with crappy game clones... just like the IOS store.

Do you agree, or disagree? Or any other thoughts? I'd be interested to hear your opinion :3