We're coming back!


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Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that GameHandout will be coming back! We will have loads more game giveaways using a better giveaway system that will allow us to get bigger with ease, as well as allow y'all to receive the games slightly easier!

We have a lot of stuff in stored, so stay tuned and become more active!
[DOUBLEPOST=1467814671,1467814373][/DOUBLEPOST]Also, congratulations to @Rosire Sabido @BananaPie @LucasGodzilla and @couchred123 you four have became permanent VIP members! You have stayed with us through the bad times, and good. You kept on posting on the forums, even when no one would. You all deserve these VIP statuses, and I thank you for being an active part of the community despite our innactivity!


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Aww man, that's really nice of you. But I will donate some when I have my own credit card. :)
Thank you to the skies, you're the best! <3

Rosire Sabido

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Zaimaster reporting for Doodie... sorry ive been inactive lately but that is due to School and transferring to the new City I live in now. But as promised I will always support. this site. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ,you guys are awesome


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Groovy, thank you Xyph, I very much appreciate it. I've always enjoyed this forum, it's a nice little humble place to just be yourself and have fun next to my DeviantArt...

Actually forget I said I have a DeviantArt XD